What makes us different?

At Coconut Calendar, you will be assigned a Dedicated Project Manager and Technical Lead. Our first few meetings together will be to understand your business and what is the most effective way to integrate Coconut Calendar in your corporation. We will be there every step of the way, and well after the project has launched.

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Dedicated Technical Lead
  • Minimum 1 – 2 Hour weekly meetings
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Support
  • A tailored experience for your customers

The Features

Online Bookings

Allow customers to book in real time directly from your website.

Text and Email Reminders

Reduce no shows and increase business with automatic notifications to your customer.

Custom Email Designs

Make the email content your own by having your design team provide us with a custom layout, increase the customer experience.

Staff and Location Management

Our schedule allows you to manage multiple staff, at multiple locations, all in one place. No more pens, paper or double bookings!

Google, Outlook and iCal Sync

View your schedule from the comfort of your Google Calendar (Two Way Sync), iCal (One Way Sync) or Outlook (One Way Sync | Two Way) calendar.

Mobile and iPad Friendly

Manage and organize your appointments on the go from your iPad or enjoy our mobile version.

System Permission Management

Having 1000's of staff across the globe can be tricky to manage. Our platform allows for various permissions based on your user's need.

Custom Questions

Create and manage custom questions that you want to ask your customer when they are booking an appointment. Example: Are you a new member? What additional services might you be interested in? etc..

Metrics and Performance Reporting

Track how each location is performing and compare individual success rates.