The Solution

The most elegant and simplistic approach to have customers connect with you online.

What you need to know

We believe customer service starts way before the till.

Start measuring and tracking various customer and staff metrics such as: How long are customers waiting? What type of information are customers inquiring about? Which of my locations has the most completed customer appointments? Which service is the most popular?

And think you and your managers can have this data in real time. Empower customers, and grow revenues.

Why Us?

After reviewing 20+ other solutions, we hand-selected Coconut Calendar. They deliver an easy to use, flexible and retail focused platform. They were able to integrate with our existing systems, in a secure and compliant way. This was critical in selecting a vendor.

Greg Donnells, VP of Enterprise Systems, Jackson Hewitt

What makes us different?

We aren’t selling software, we are selling an experience. It’s about you and your customers, we just have the technology to get you there faster.

  • On Time.
  • On Budget.
  • Coaching and Support.
We are not in the business of selling software, we are in the business of selling an experience that creates meaningful connections.

Compliance without Complication

Ensuring your data and your customer’s data is secure is our #1 priority. That is why we work with Amazon Web Services.

Hosting is available in Canada or United States based on your business needs.