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3 Benefits credit unions can expect from appointment software

Managing members can be a difficult task. This is especially true when it comes to scheduling meetings. With credit unions specifically, there is a lot involved in getting the most out of your advisors meetings.

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Improving Member Experience for Credit Unions and Banks

We recently surveyed our enterprise customers and 62% responded that their number 1 reason for implementing appointment scheduling was to improve customer service. As technology advances and markets become more competitive, it becomes increasingly important for organizations…

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Co.Labs Launch Raises Eyebrows

Monday evening had the Delta Bessborough buzzing with excitement during the Launch of Co.Labs, Saskatchewan’s first technology incubator. The importance of this initiative drew an exclusive guest list of 200+ key individuals which included City of Saskatoon Mayor Charlie…

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  • By Chris Powell
  • In Features
  • Posted August 29, 2017

Increased Password Security 

Coconut Calendar is updating their password requirements and I want to explain why.

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Reduce Appointment Pain Points

For enterprise organizations more appointments equals more revenue, for your staff this usually means an annoying day of email and voice tag trying to schedule the appointment.

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Selecting Enterprise Appointment Software

Selecting a vendor isn’t always easy, especially when everyone is claiming to be the best. You’ve already made the first step in recognizing the value of enterprise appointment software but now you have the tough decision of selecting a vendor. And it’s not always easy knowing…

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Top quotes from our panelists at Flip the Switch- Igniting Saskatchewan's Tech Landscape

It’s not often that you get tech leaders, investors, and government in the same room, supporting the same cause. But that is exactly what Flip the Switch- Igniting Saskatchewan's Tech Landscape did. The event, located at the beautiful LB Distillers, was an afternoon of…

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SaaStr Annual 2017 Recap: Leadership, Customers, and the Big Picture

Coconut Calendar's Sales Director, Cheryl Fearon, and Account Manager, Kit Hillis, went to the SaaStr Annual Conference last week in San Francisco. Since the inception of SaaStr Annual, the industry has shifted from accessible, to lovable, to intelligent. That’s why it was…

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Reaching New Heights in Aspen: My Neal's Running Start Reunion

Last summer I took part in Neal's Running Start, an eye-opening mentorship program in the Silicon Valley with the prolific and plugged-in Neal Dempsey of Bay Partners. (You can hear more about that here.) This weekend he generously invited me and fellow tech founder mentees back…

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Coconut Calendar CEO and Silicon Valley Investors Present Flip the Switch: Igniting Saskatchewan's Tech Landscape

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, February 6, 2017

Coconut Calendar CEO Katherine Regnier along with Neal Dempsey and Chris Noble, prolific Silicon Valley investors, invite Saskatchewan tech startups, investors, government officials and local businesses to have a thoughtful conversation…

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