Login Instructions

How to access your account

1) Go to your browser

2) Search [  subdomain  ].coconutcalendar.com/login

*Your subdomain is unique to each account and is typically your company name


3) The login page will appear and you will have the option to enter your user name and password.

Login screen.png


Don't know your domain-

1) Try using your business name

2) Search coconutcalendar.com/schedule in your browser, this will show pages you have visited in the past and you should see your business name 

3) Email support@coconutcalendar.com for assistance


Bookmark the page


1)  While on the login page, click on the star on the browser bar and click done

Chrome Bookmark.png



1) While on the login page, click the little box and arrow icon

2) Click Add Bookmark

3) Click Add

Safari Bookmark.png